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In EU ICT Acquis section you can find information about the European legislation that might affect your business in 4 areas:

  • Information Sociaety related acquis
  • Horizontal Issues, IPR, Funding Programmes, Consumer Acquis
  • Telecommunications related ICT Acquis
  • Environment, Health and Safety related ICT Acquis

What are the acquis?

The acquis is constantly evolving and includes:

  • the content, principles and political objectives of the Treaties on which the Union is founded;
  • legislation and decisions adopted pursuant to the Treaties, and the case law of the Court of Justice;
  • other acts, legally binding or not, adopted within the Union framework, such as interinstitutional agreements, resolutions, statements, recommendations, guidelines;
  • joint actions, common positions, declarations, conclusions and other acts within the framework of the common foreign and security policy;
  • joint actions, joint positions, conventions signed, resolutions, statements and other acts agreed within the framework of justice and home affairs;
  • international agreements concluded by the Communities, the Communities jointly with their Member States, the Union, and those concluded by the Member States among themselves with regard to Union activities

In order to become a Member State, countries will have to accept the acquis of the Union. In all areas of the acquis, the candidate countries must bring their institutions, management capacity and administrative and judicial systems up to EU standards, both at national and regional level. This will allow them to implement the acquis effectively upon accession and, where necessary, to be able to implement it effectively in good time before accession. At the general level, this requires a well-functioning and stable public administration built on an efficient and impartial civil service, and an independent and efficient judicial system

Why are EU Acquis important for companies?

Accession of new member states to the European Union and to the EU Single Market require companies of these new member states to adapt their management and production methods to the “Acquis Communautaire” and to the Rules of the Single Market.
Accordingly it is of grate importance to increase awareness of the organization on this issue in general, to help the companies to understand the legislation processes of the EU and the effect that these instruments can have on their business.
Acquis Preparation and Implementation is not only a matter for Government and Administration, but also for business, regional and local bodies and business representative organizations.