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30 March 2021 by SAH Project

SAH Project: New REPARE Open Call


The PREPARE open call was published on 18 March 2021. The RESTART & EXPAND open calls were published on July 08th 2020. The RESTART open call will close in September 2021. The EXPAND open call will close in June 2022. At several deadlines during that period, batches of proposals will be evaluated and can be started accordingly. This means that until the final deadline you can submit your proposal to the RESTART or EXPAND Open Calls, receive a response and start your project before this deadline. The deadlines for batches evaluations are available below. 

This is not the case for the PREPARE open call. For PREPARE, the final deadline is indicated below.

Next Open Call submission

NEW! PREPARE open call: 26 May 2021
RESTART open call: 26 May 2021
EXPAND open call: 26 May 2021

You want to submit a proposal?

Please use the designated Templates for proposal preparation as presented in the Open Call fiches for the PREPARE, RESTART and EXPAND Open Calls. You can find in this page more information about the aim of our Open Calls. 

Please check the FAQ in a first instance. If you have further doubts, please use the Open Call Forum to contact the SAH Open Call team and get assistance.

More information about Open Calls.

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