Here are some testimonials from people who studied outside Bulgaria and worked, or are still working in Bulgarian IT companies. Click on the description to learn more about their experience.

Milko Izamski, Owner and Manager of RM-Galaxy

“Bulgaria belongs to those counties, which are free and open to the really whole world, and the opportunities are beyond the limits I believed in.”

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Hristo Gurvanov, Team Lead, Musala Soft

"As a conclusion I would say that Germany is a great place to study and gain experience, but there is no place like home. "

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Mariyana Hristova, Quality Assurance Engineer, Musala Soft

"The main reason why I decided to come back to Bulgaria was the German social life and culture. "

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Kostadin Chaushev, IT Project Manager, Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD

"Up to now, after several years working in the IT sphere in Bulgaria, I can honestly say that I do not regret coming back to work in my home land after the received scholarships and that I didn’t continue to study abroad."

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Benoît Farré, Computer Science – Software and Networks, University of Nantes, France

"Bulgaria - life is quiet and people are helpful. This new country of the European Union is a good destination for internship within the Eastern Europe region."

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