Education and Science

BASSCOM Board Member responsible for the group is Stamen Kotchkov.

The Workgroup on Education and Science mission is to develop and implement the respective BASSCOM strategy by expressing the position of BASSCOM members and coordinating collaboration among them as business, the academic comunity and government institutions.

Software Industry Requirements for the Bulgarian Education System

The document with the Strategic Requirements for the Bulgarian Education System (in Bulgarian) as determined by the Working Group on Education by BASSCOM, BAIT, BWA, ASTEL, ICT Cluster and ESI CEE can be found here.

5 projects in the field of Education, drawn up by BASSCOM

On December 2, 2014 the 5 projects for educational reform of BASSCOM were publicly announced. Subsequently, in January and February 2015 were held several meetings between representatives of the BASSCOM's Management Board and the Ministry of Education and Science. Within these meetings the Ministry expressed their support and readiness for cooperation, and in March the projects were officially launched. You could find the projects here:


Profession Software Developer


Private initiatives for retraining of IT specialists
  • Software University (SoftUni) provides quality education for software developers, focused on the practice and the needs of the business, as well as a profession in the IT sector and the opportunity to obtain an undergraduate university degree. Thousands of young people are being trained for about a year, during which time they master the basics of the profession "software engineer" and begin to work on the specialty. SoftUni successfully builds a bridge between the education and the IT industry. More about SoftUni could be found here: SoftUni.pdf
  • SoftAcad Ltd. is a company that specializes in educating, training and preparating young specialists in modern software technologies in Sofia and Plovdiv. Read more: SoftAcad_BASSCOM_presentation.pdf
  • Robopartans Group is building robotics academies for students throughout the world. We are developing software solutions, curriculum, training, infrastructure and certification on which organizations can build their own schools of robotics. Our goal is to increase students’ interest in Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Information and Communications Technology. Our mission is to improve the education in these subjects. At Robopartans we give students a chance to think, to commit mistakes, to create and be original. Using robots, we introduce a more practical approach to science. Read more about Robopartans here: Robopartans.pdf
  • IT Talents Training Camp is an intensive education program for software development beginners. No previous experience and knowledge in the matter is required. The candidates go through a selection process divided in several steps including two logic tests and an interview by HR. The available courses are in several directions: PHP/MySQL, Objective C, JavaScript, Java/Android and Java EE. The successfully graduated students are offered a career realization immediately after the graduation – full-time job in a number of Bulgarian IT companies. The education is absolutely free, while the partner companies compensate for the training of the hired students. Imperia Online and are the main partners of the initiative. Read more about it here: IT_Talents_2015.pdf

  • Hack Bulgaria is a Sofia-based hacker school, which does programming courses by the "reverse classroom model". Lectures are a very small part of a course, while coding & building stuff is the main focus.
    All the materials are provided so the students can cover the theoretical part too.The courses tend to have "informal" aura, where one can challenge him/herself with hard problems, building software products and working in teams.
    The courses always includes parts from the computer science and maths curricilum, because the knowledge there is essential for one to become an expert in the software field. So the problems include a mix of algorithms and maths too.You can learn more about the courses that will happen in Hack Bulgaria for 2015 here - and here - See also: Hack_Bulgaria.pdf