Bulgarians Abroad Initiative

BASSCOM representative who is responsible for the Initiative is Bistra Papazova, CEO of coBuilder International.

“ЗАвръщането” (REturn) is an initiative of Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM), which aims to support Bulgarian professionals living abroad, giving them a chance to start again - this time in Bulgaria, becoming part of the rapidly growing IT industry.

The main objective of the initiative is to promote Bulgaria as a good place for personal and professional development of Bulgarians and people with Bulgarian self-awareness, focusing on the employees and students in the ICT sector.

We aim to assist people who want to return to Bulgaria by providing guidance, sharing experiences and informing them on topics related to the development of the IT industry and the opportunities offered.

The first step of the initiative is a Survey that was launched on July 25th to gather information about the attitudes of Bulgarians abroad and the reasons why they would consider return to Bulgaria. The survey will be active until September 25th. The results will be released after their processing.

The survey is disseminated widely with the support of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria, the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad and Tuk-tam Foundation.

The survey gathered in just 10 days more than 2000 opinions of Bulgarians from abroad about their plans for return to Bulgaria.

The initiative is part of the Association's strategy to overcome the shortage of qualified specialists, which for years has hindered the economic growth not only of the IT industry but also of Bulgarian economic development as a whole.