Foundation Statement

Why we found the Association

BASSCOM was founded in 2001. Our main goal is to establish the software industry as an essential part of the Bulgarian economy. The development of this industry is fundamental for the development of information technologies as well as for the country’s economic growth.

We founded this Association because it is our belief that much is said and little is done in Bulgaria. The conditions for the development of the software industry are still far from stimulating.
We are not looking for any priorities or preferences for our companies, but we believe that software development should take its place among the other leading industries of the Bulgarian economy. Everybody who cares about the real development of this sector should not try to discover anything new but should look at what other countries with IT ambitions are doing (or have already done) instead.


  1. The Association will help its members improve their expertise in the organization and development of software as well as learn and develop modern software technologies and management skills (software projects, software companies);
  2. The Association will work towards marketing the Bulgarian software industry more efficiently and will help the companies participate in bigger and more significant Bulgarian and international projects;
  3. The Association, in cooperation with other business organizations, will collaborate with the government to establish normal conditions for business in Bulgaria;
  4. The Association will work for the improvement of IT education in Bulgaria--keeping up to date with the newest technologies, participating in real projects, stimulating investments in activities improving qualification (courses, test centers, etc.), and of course, creating good conditions and retaining the specialists in Bulgaria.