Here are some testimonials from people who studied outside Bulgaria and worked, or are still working in Bulgarian IT companies. Click on the description to learn more about their experience.

Hristo Gurvanov, Team Lead, Musala Soft

I graduated my bachelor degree and worked in Germany, but I decided to return to Bulgaria. There had been three years since then and now I can appreciate the positive and negative effects of my decision. It was a hard and difficult step to make and I hesitated a lot, but if I could turn back time I would make the same choice again. I do not want go to extremes by saying that Bulgaria is better than Germany. The truth is the both countries have their good and bad features. I liked in Germany very much the organized life and the better infrastructure, but the stress was higher, I had limited social contacts and I missed my family. I used the little free I had to come back to Bulgaria and to spend it with my relatives, but It was neither long enough, neither stress free. Now I feel more comfortable, relaxed and really happy. My family is with me and my social life improved. Of course, my working environment and my career development are prerequisites to that. I think Sofia is a big city, that provides many opportunities for every young person with good education. Furthermore – if you are one of the many in Germany, here in Bulgaria you are one of the few returnees. As a conclusion I would say that Germany is a great place to study and gain experience, but there is no place like home.

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