Here are some testimonials from people who studied outside Bulgaria and worked, or are still working in Bulgarian IT companies. Click on the description to learn more about their experience.

Milko Izamski, Owner and Manager of RM-Galaxy

After graduating Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich in Germany (year 2004), I was on a crossroad between to stay in Germany, or coming back to Bulgaria and starting looking for job. I joined the Bulgarian branch of an international company, Formula Telecom Solutions, with office in Sofia. Company was delivering telecommunication software. There I had the opportunity to work in a really professional environment with very talented team. At the beginning my work consisted of development, and later of consulting. I was often send abroad working with international clients. Later on I have founded a small software company delivering a custom based software solution. I am happy to live and work here in Bulgaria. There are small things that are bothering me, mainly the traffic in Sofia and the transport infrastructure, but the pluses are more than the minuses. Working at home turned out to be the greatest value of my success, professional and personal. At the beginning I asked myself if I have made the right choice, now five years later the answer for me is only one:”It was the right one”. I could and always can reverse my choice, but there is really no need for this anymore. I can conclude one thing for sure: “Bulgaria belongs to those counties, which are free and open to the really whole world, and the opportunities are beyond the limits I believed in.” Milko Izamski

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