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28 November 2017 by BASSCOM

Software Industry – structurally relevant to the development of the economy with high added value

The Business which returns the young people in Bulgaria

In 2016 Bulgarian software industry, the double digit-growth was increased by 14 % for the last five years period, for the development of the industry, operating revenues increased more than two times from 928 millions in 2011 to 2 milliards leva in 2016, with 121 %. For the same period the part of the total revenues of the software industry was increased from 1.16% to 2.22 % in 2016. This part was achieved with 22,000 working place from 3 millions labour force in the country.

The forecast for the upcoming 2017 are that incomes will increased with double digit-growth and will reach around 2.3 milliard leva.
This is shown by the preliminary results of the annual study of the Barometer of Bulgarian software industry and its condition conducted by BASSCOM. The annual study was represented by the Management Board of the Association today. The report is based on data, received from a survey among BASSCOM member companies, and a study of the Bulgarian software industry by CBN- Panoff, Stoycheff & Co.

The press conference was organized with the collaboration of Digital National Alliance (DNA) and the participation of Ms. Gergana Passy.
She marked that Bulgaria is on 27 place according to the rangfolge of DESI 2017 the index for the digital technologies in the economy and the society. Bulgaria progressed significantly in the improvement of the infrastructure of broadband internet and providing of the free data.

On the other hand, the weaknesses and the low results, into the skills in the area of the digital technologies and the digitization of the service act like a stop for the upcoming development of the digital economy and the society in Bulgaria.