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REBGSoft Ltd.

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    Our goal is to help international companies setup their first nearshore teams of developers.

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    CEO Mr. Lyubomir Toshev

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    +359 (2) 494-31-56

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    Advent Group,, Cacti, DotWoodCRM, Worksy, Alfa People

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    CVPanda is a software that is very useful in the recruitment process. It gives the possibility to build a CV database, search by skills in it and send highly personalized e-mail to job candidates in the database. This way you can ask 5000 people in your database are they interested for certain position. You can ask them to update their CV in your database and much more. Check it out and tell us what you think.

  • Vertical Markets Served

    Services (HR, Accounting, Legal)

  • Horizontal Markets Served

    Customer Management (CRM), E-Commerce

  • Technology Platform

    .NET platform

  • Client List

    Wijco BG, TSD Services

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    REBGSoft is leading provider of software services. We are also a leading provider of dedicated teams of IT professionals. Services: Microsoft Dynamics CRM extension and customization, Mobile Applications development, .NET web based systems development

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  • Vertical Markets Served

    Financial Services (Banking, Insurance), Healthcare Services, IT Services (Outsourcing), Services (HR, Accounting, Legal)

  • Horizontal Markets Served

    Custom Development/Outsourcing, Customer Management (CRM), E-Commerce, IT Consulting, Tools/COTS

  • Technology Platform

    .NET platform

  • Client List

    Advent Group, SimpleSite, Cacti, DotWoodCRM, Alfa People, Worksy