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14 September 2018

Innovation Explorer 2019

Innovation Explorer 2019: Beyond ultimate frontiers of technology & humans

On 21.02.2019 for the fifth consecutive time in Bulgaria, Sofia Event Center, the Innovation Explorer Forum will be held. Organizers are and the Innovation Starter Agency.
The theme for the jubilee edition is the limit of the capabilities of technology and people. The event will be opened with a magical show, a provocation to creativity.

Event host Svetoslav Ivanov anchor of 120 minutes on btv has already raised the issue of the black mirror in 2018 (a reference to the British science fiction series Black Mirror), and in 2019 the organizers promise to further develop the subject with extremely defensive speakers and questions: what are the unexpected consequences of the development of new technologies in modern society, have technologies become a new religion, are there borders that we should not go through?

Among the lecturers in 2019 you will be able to see:

BBC Creative Director, Dan Ramsden (England)
Butzi, TedX's keynote lecturer and creative lecturer and magician (France)
Stephen Thomas, Director of the American Public Health Center (USA)
Bulgarian inventors and innovators such as Spas Kerimov, Slaveyko Dzhambazov, Elvin Guri and many others, organized in two panels: Technology and People.

Traditionally, workshops will also be held at the event. This year they are two:

1. Radical Collaboration is a method of radical participation that is based on a key principle of Design Thinking about the inclusion of diverse experience to the context of the problem.
"Radical co-operation" differs from conventional approaches because it is intended to cover multiple points of view in a general direction rather than simply rely on "so-called experts." This process helps to overcome or go beyond unconscious prejudices , who are inclined to compel us to circle, and are facilitators of the Stanford University Innovation Fellows Society.

2. and Playfulness LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, a creative workout method in the serious business world created by LEGO. The idea of the methodology came in 1996 when two professors Johan Roos and Bart Viktor in Switzerland, together with Leo Group Chief Executive Officer and owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, explored alternative planning tools and systems. They develop a new understanding of the value of employees and a concept of an evolving adaptive strategy that includes, of course, the use of LEGO elements as three-dimensional models to address business issues and challenges. The strategy is called LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and the new company called Executive Discovery Ltd. is developing and implementing the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method on the market. The lecturer, Nikolay Tinkov, is a certified coach of the Danish method.

Do not miss the early registration for the event by the end of 2018 because this year's seats are limited to 1500. For package prices and more information, visit the event site: or the Facebook page.