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29 November 2017 location: Sofia Event Centre, Sofia contact person: Innovation Starter

Innovation Explorer 2018

On February 22, 2018, we will have the opportunity to reflect on innovation, our culture and our
future with speakers from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Ocado, Microsoft, Challenge Prize
Center, New York University's (NYU) Stern School of Business, SoftServe and others.

Innovation State of Mind. Food for thought is the theme of the fourth edition of the forum
Innovation Explorer Day, which will take place in Sofia Event Center. Join us and get tons of
inspiration and motivation for a whole year ahead. Organizers assure us that guests will
participate actively in interactive lectures, discussions and workshops with the help of various
technological solutions.

The main theme of the event is again the essence of innovation and how we achieve the culture
of the innovation that supports the sustainable improvement of our environment. Innovation is
considered to be the most important ingredient in the modern economy. Building culture of
innovation can consume much of the organizational and governmental energy for overcoming
opposing forces of inertia and entropy. After a successful implementation of an innovative idea
in public policies - the same sources of energy, creativity, passion and discipline can be used for
social welfare.

According to the Global Innovation Report 2017, Bulgaria improves its performance in
innovation, taking 36th position compared to its 37th position in 2016. The same smooth rise in
performance is also observed in the European Innovation Scoreboard, where the country has
stepped out the area of the poorest countries in innovation, where it occupied the last position
and moved into the category of moderate innovators in 2017.

This trend, along with rising investment in the region, increased interest in entrepreneurial
activity and the presence of professional knowledge for innovation in our country are
defining our best prospects in the field of innovation leadership. See how this model:
Knowledge-Experience- Experiment works successfully for leading countries in
innovation and prepare yourself to become innovation leaders in the forum Innovation Explorer